cuhcuhcuhcory said: I have a question about the cover for Black Widow #1 that i saw posted by comicartevolution. (writer is Richard M. Morgan) Something about the pose didn't seem right to me, but i cant put my finger on whether it is a pose that isn't anatomically correct or if it is just the pose itsself that bothers me. Would you take a look and tell me what you think?

I take it you mean this image?


This is one of Greg Land’s trace-jobs, so most of the anatomy is sound. However, he tends to go in with that “artists’ eye” of his, while wearing “Ridiculously Unattainable Physique” glasses and shave away key parts of a woman’s physiology down there: Hips, buttocks, musculature.  

Never mind the fact that her outfit has boob pockets.  As in, for her boobs to fit the leather/pleather of that outfit, specially tailored boob pockets would have to be sewn into it. Wtf, Land?!

Here’s a quick red-line overlay to illustrate what I mean:


So the run down:

- Shoulder too high on one side, absent on the other.

- Boobs pendulous and material is not rendered properly to tent across breasts.

- Hips!  Oh, why do you hate hips so much, Land?!  She’s missing the bulge of the gluteal that would be present with her leg pulled back like that.  Even the skinniest women have butt muscles that would bunch up in that pose.  Widened the hips conservatively, to humour those that would say “Some women are really that skinny!”  Right. 

But even models have hips:


[Kate Upton]

So.  There we have it.

It’s like a lava lamp…

So, I have a new obsession: watching the race between the leading topics in the Tutorial Poll I started.

At first it was a neck-and-neck race between Hips and Hands.  Back and forth they would tussle for the lead.

But HO!  Out of nowhere came Feet!  And Breasts is making a valiant effort to catch up!

Well, no matter who wins, they will get their day.  And it is coming, my friends.

syccas said: not sure if this is too off-topic for your blog but I thought it might be helpful for some aspiring artists following you -- there's a show called "steve austins broken skull challenge" which shows many female (and male) athletes competing in various physical challenges (and being treated respectfully and non-sexualized). I believe this show is pretty helpful reference material for muscular, buff female physique (which, let's be honest, is something most comic heroines lack profoundly).

That sounds like a great show.  I can’t encourage people enough to do what they can to (respectfully) people-watch and observe the human body in action.  Sports are a great way to do that, especially with the slow-motion replays that are often involved.  You get to see the muscles shifting and moving and that’s *so* important when learning how the body works.

Thanks for the recommendation!

haxcall said: Remember Subway Sandwich Thighs. 1. I could find you just as many male superheroes drawn with legs like that. 2. You tried to say that it was sexist and objectifying, but the examples you presented came from porn, fan service and 90s art. 3. The concept that artists draw this way to make women more "alluring." Because I know that when I'm trying to get my rocks off, I OBSESS over how close women's thighs and calves are.

Wow.  Look at that point flying right over your head.  *shakes head* It’s magnificent.  Pity you missed it.

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I get a lot of feedback from people that they love the snark, but also love to learn about art.  In an effort to increase the positive output of this blog, and to help all you wonderful folks out there, I’m going to endeavour to bring you more “How To” posts.  Of course, I have a few ideas but I’d love to hear from you all what you really would love to see.  So, here’s a poll for y’all to fill, and if you want to come back to it in the future, there’s a link to it at the bottom of the blog page (



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Anonymous said: First of all, Manara is an erotica artist. He does some fan art and superheroines, but he's not a comic illustrator. The pose in that spider-woman picture, evidently is an impossible position to be in. But i doubt it was sexism. The drawing was supposed to be sexy and serious, just like the rest of his work.

Of course it was sexism.  You don’t see him drawing men like that, do you?  I don’t have a problem with erotica.  But do you not see the problem with getting an artist who specialises in erotica to do a cover of a comic when it features a woman whose purpose isn’t to be erotic, rather to be the lead hero in her own damned comic title?  That right there, drawing her erotically just because Jessica is a woman, is sexism.

If you can’t see that, I can’t help you, buddy.

New Layout

Hey doods.

So, I’ve switched to a new layout as promised, one that is supposed to be easier to read and has a limited amount of posts per page so your poor browsers and devices don’t shit ‘emselves. 

Lemme know of any hiccoughs as I stuff with it.  I’ll probably try to make it more comic-y as I go, and I don’t always catch it when the layout stuffs up.



Newsflash Correction! Milo Manara’s Spider-Woman cover.

So you may have heard about this:


Yes.  It’s a comic classic.  Painted-on costume, ridiculous contortions of the human physique and BUTT CHEEKS front and centre.  You know when a character’s arse cheeks are more prominent on their cover than their face that they’re a woman.

"How are we going to connect with this character?"

"I know!  Let’s focus on her BUM!"

It’s been looked into over at, and they’ve pulled it apart beautifully.  I decided to look at a couple of things that they didn’t.

Of particular concern to me was Spider-Woman’s head and neck.  It bends back at such an angle that would not actually be able to accommodate the cervical vertebrae in her neck.  I mapped it out.  It’s impossible.  Even if she were superpowered, she cannot make two bones occupy the same space.  She is not Kitty Pride.

Also, the rendering of the costume.  It’s that pervy “painted on” look that comes from either someone colouring with one hand down their pants or being too lazy to actually render fabric.  I get it.  Fabric is hard.  Fabric takes time.  But when you DO get it right, it is SO worth it.  I gave it a go, trying to render fabric correctly.  I am not a professional, and I know for a fact there are plenty of people out there that are better at doing the fabric thing that Marvel could employ:


There is tenting at the buttocks, because fabric, like water, obeys strict laws of physics.  It won’t hug to a body part unless you tailor for that body part.  And if Spider-Woman has specially tailored butt-pouches, I worry for her.  Deeply.

I also added seams and the odd wrinkle in the lilt of her waist.  That happens in fabric.  It  bunches.  It’s also bunching where her hips meet her thighs.

Of course those aren’t the only things wrong. corrected it beautifully, but there was something fundamental that I wish to address:

The pose doesn’t fucking work.  

It just doesn’t.  My sister and I chatted about it this afternoon and, with gritted teeth, I tried to assume the Spider-Woman.  (It’s the newest yoga position).

My leg did not want to splay to the side, rather it wanted to wedge more underneath me.  My arm was more rigid, as both arms stopped me from falling forwards arse-over-tit.  I couldn’t bend my arse up in the air like she does because, low and behold, my arms and torso were locked in a war with gravity to keep me and my large bosoms from tumbling forward.   My spine was like a tight cord, and all attempts to bend it were met with agony and a lack of balance.  

And I could not lift my head like she does.  Not at all.  To do that, I had to push my torso upwards.  

Now, it’s often pointed out during these sorts of discussions that these heroes we’re drawing have amazing abilities beyond human limits.  But these are still human beings (ostensibly) and their bodies still use the pulleys-and-levers system us mere mortals have.  

It was so painful even to attempt the position that it should be regarded as some kind of capital punishment.  

It also does not communicate much in the way of a story, or a situation.  It took a good long gander before I realised she was actually supposed to be climbing up over the edge of a building.  

So when it came to my “correction”, I threw the whole pose out and went for something a little more illustrative and commanding.


I did that because already did a more correct version of the pose above, and I couldn’t beat that, it was a great redraw.  Why do the same redraw twice?

Now, my final point to discuss is this:  I am fully aware that the pose Milo put Spider-Woman is apes directly a pose that Spider-Man often takes on the covers and inside his comic periodicals.  I get it.  She’s just doing the same thing as Ol’ Spidey.

But Spider-Man is a man.  And he can be depicted in certain ways that don’t carry a language of degradation and objectification.  People are conditioned to look at Spider-Man in that pose and see athleticism.  The same people look at Spider-Woman in that pose and think, “Man, she’s ready for sex.”  Because a woman in that pose is always sexual.

You would think that enough is enough, that the online bollocking these ridiculous covers get would make a difference, but obviously Marvel hasn’t yet got the message.  

I’m tired of seeing our heroines trussed up on covers like this.  I’m weary of knowing the exact shape of Storm’s vulva, the hairless glory of Rogue’s inner butt-cheek and upper thigh, of costumes creeping and climbing and clinging in ways that afford these women no dignity.

I have no problem with showing flesh.  I read Oglaf on a regular basis, for fuck’s sake.  

I just get really friggin’ sick of seeing women characters that mean the world to me have their bodies twisted in painful ways to assuage the horniness of men, and not even given the basic option of wearing clothes that cover them properly.

robertbahnartwork said: I'm an aspiring artist, so these corrections are really enlightening! Especially foreshortening, a small handful of comic artists actually seem to pull that off even though I consider it important.

Foreshortening is probably the hardest thing you could learn, and I *still* have issues with it.  I still take photos of people/myself at every conceivable angle to make sure it looks right, and if I can’t get it to look right, I change it because I cannae abide bad anatomy that I can possibly help.  

I can do a post all about foreshortening at some point if it’s wanted.  I was actually going to do a poll seeing what people would like to learn about.  Thanks for writing in!


Spiderwoman redrawn @

So this talented asshole basically did my job for me.  ;)  (That’s an Australian way of saying, “What an incredible job they did!”, it’s our humour). 

I’ll still do a redraw, though, cause I’m itching to get my hands on that shit.

But DO check out that link, it really does do a great job of pulling apart the poses.

Gotta new one in my sights, mofos!   I am going to tear this crap to shreds, just you watch me.   Gimme a few hours, though, only just saw it now.Cheers,
Gotta new one in my sights, mofos!   I am going to tear this crap to shreds, just you watch me.   Gimme a few hours, though, only just saw it now.Cheers,

Gotta new one in my sights, mofos!   I am going to tear this crap to shreds, just you watch me.   Gimme a few hours, though, only just saw it now.



Anonymous said: A little thing: Infinite Scroll Format only really works with text only blogs. After about page 5 the images don't always load, so you can just get a blank spot of background, that is an image for half a second when you scroll down or up slightly and then disappears again. (Right clicked on the glitched images is the same as right clicking on background)

Oh, thank you for telling me this.  Someone complained that the text colour tired their eyes out, so I was going to change the layout anyway.  Thank you so much for this, I’ll keep it in mind when I switch out the layout.


Welcome to: If Male Superhero Costumes were Designed Like Female Superhero Costumes!

Aaaaa I dunno. I got tired of guys having no idea why girls find female superhero’s costumes kinda sexist, so I, um, made this?

My main goals were: 1) Make it so the first thing you think of when you look at them is sex, whether you want to or not. 2) make it so that any male human who looks at this feels really uncomfortable. 3) make it funny, because, well, it’s kinda hilarious really.

Not trying to start a war here, just wanted to poke a bit of fun.

So, here you go menfolk, welcome to being a girl who likes comics.

I thought this was cool and well drawn.

wibblywobblygenderywendery said: I love this blog. Came here because of Subway Thighs, stayed for the greatly helpful art and commentary. Squeeee~ <3

There’s bonus social justice crap sometimes too, so this blog is high value!  :D   Glad to have you here!

sassylilsewandsew said: You've covered a lot of things in comics art that bother me. Have you ever looked at/written about feet? Seems almost everywhere I look in comics there is a woman drawn with her feet pointed, and it really bothers me.

I have been pondering on how to address feet.  It is something that I will most likely look at at some point.  It feels as though, in comics, women aren’t allowed to have functional feet.  They must be pretty/small/dainty.

A lot of the Gotham women seem to be drawn wearing functional boots, and that’s nice to see, though.

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