Anonymous said: and this reminds me of why i have a hard time reading comics! i walked past a compilation novel of deadpool comics, and deadpool on the cover his legs were nearly twice as long as his upper half and his calves were literally two balls under the knee then sticks for legs. I really want to get into comics (reading, I've tried making but im terrible storywriter) but it's really hard considering a lot of the art even outside of just the terrible women is bad.

Seriously.  If an issue of my favourite comics has a bad artist?  I really, *really* struggle to get through that shit.  My mind is just poring over all the fuck-ups and not on the story and the whole time I’m thinking, “God damn, this could have been SO GOOD.”

Thankfully most of the time the comics I read have good art.  That’s because I’m picky, I guess.  That and I tend to read old school stuff most of the time.  Like, 60s and 70s and early 80s.

fancyfade said: i love seeing your blog back! This was one of the first blogs i followed on tumblr, and also one that taught me a great deal about anatomy.

Thank you so much for your lovely message.  I just had to get some real life shit sorted out.  My aunt died of cancer, then six months later my 18 year old cat had to be put down in my arms due to liver and kidney failure (old age).  During those six months I tended to him every day, feeding him constantly because of his failing liver and making sure he was never uncomfortable or in pain.  This often involved me cleaning up after his poops and pee-pee when he went where he shouldn’t have, and wiping him down multiple times a day with special cat wipes because he was old and old cats have a hard time cleaning themselves in hard-to-reach spots.  Then a week after he died, I fell pregnant. I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks.   

Seriously, you couldn’t make that shit up.  LOL!  I’m finally feeling myself again after all that and a summer of taking it easy and doing watercolours to soothe my soul, and I’m ready to rattle the sabre and do some shit for equality it comics. The warm welcome back has been unexpected and very, very appreciated.  You guys are awesome and I love you.

There will also be some more anatomy stuff coming up because I have fun doing that stuff and I think it does more to encourage people to get things right rather than snarking it up all the time.  :)

ablankcharactersheet said: I have a question about your thoughts on hyper-stylized artwork. Do you have as much of a problem if proportions and such are wonky if the ENTIRE world is really stylized and not just the one deformed creature in question? I notice most of your corrections seem to be to comics that are "realistic".

Most of my work addresses mainstream hero comics.  It’s directly tackling the porny undertones of a lot of comic art conventions that are popular.  Highly stylised work, like that of children’s cartoons, DC cartoons, etc, is so stylised that it rarely has the opportunity to be quite as male-gazey and detailed in its depiction of women as mainstream “realistic” comics do.

The other thing is that it’s the mainstream style that I’m into, that I come across most often and that I am proficient in drawing in myself.  It is absolutely pointless me trying to draw in an anime style, because I’ve tried and I absolutely cannot do it.  My hands and brain have been trained differently.

So I do what I do best.  But if other people spot something in a style that I don’t correct in, and want to do a correction and submit it, I’m open to that and I’ll pass it along.

minespatch said: Did you ever do those Imperial walker anatomy corrections?

I did!

Anonymous said: h-...How do professional artists ignore shit as basic as straight bones and facial expressions. Those don't make drawing harder, it makes it more entertaining. (I would know since I love drawing and have since I could hold a marker.) How the fuck can these comic artists find the same face and body to be fun to draw? Do they hate themselves or something?

And it’s more rewarding when you get it right, too!  The work looks more solid.

Personally I would go MAD if I had to draw the same face over and over again. I very deliberately make sure my characters are pulling different faces in the comics I draw them in because I could think of nothing more tedious than repeating myself like that.  

If anyone is interested in how to get unique features on an ongoing character, I have a tutorial at my deviant art about it.  You can click this link here to see it. That’s my process for having unique faces.  Basically, lots of referencing and lots of memorising features.

I think a lot of it has to do with stylistic choices and trying to get a lot done on tight deadlines.  Plus there’s this idea prevalent in the industry that it’s perfectly okay for all the characters to look the same.  Personally I can’t stand that, cause it gets really confusing.  Plus as you said - boring s hell to draw.

zeoup said: I really like this blog. when I was 11 I would see comics and legit think that my body could do that, and I would mimic poses to no avail and hurt myself. i decided to wait until I was 16, and maybe I'll be super pretty and look just like these girls. I am 16 now, normal weight and now know that I can't do these things. Props to you for pointing things out and redrawing it naturally because I don't realize it's anatomically incorrect and I'm a girl! Youre giving pos role models for grls thank yu

Hey!  Thank you for writing in.  Lucky for young people these days, there’s a LOT of people doing comic art corrections on the internet, and on tumblr specifically.  That me farting around with sketches to vent my spleen on the comic art I see during my geeking out is helpful to anyone is absolutely fantastic and it makes me a happier person than you could possibly know.

Love that body of yours, it’s a good one I’m sure, more marvellous than anything an artist, comic or otherwise, could dream up.  If you look around on tumblr, you’ll see a lot of artists trying to be more inclusive and supportive of women.  This is only the start, only the tip of the iceberg. :)

okay so i was thinking about the whole “wonder woman’s costume is aesthetically pleasing but also really ineffective at keeping the boobs in place” thing and I had an idea— She has an Invisible Jet, correct? Well, suppose that there are thin wire supports at key places on the neckline of her uniform. Places where they wouldn’t necessarily show as she moved, like one between her boobs (possibly even going into the structure of the costume itself like the wire of an underwire bra and into the bodice like the boning of a corset to keep the cups rigid.) She would have two at the back as well. All of these would connect in a collar at her neck, like in a racerback shirt.

now suppose these supports were made from the same material as her jet. (I’m assuming that within canon there isn’t anything chemical which can render her jet not invisible.) Those straps or supports would be completely invisible (I’m also unaware as to the canon regarding how WW’s jet becomes invisible so I apologize if this is erroneous— I’m assuming that its invisibility is either an inherent property of the substance or a chemical applied during the process to make it invisible.)

what do you think?’

Well, at the core of it, the idea of invisible straps is quite novel.  I mean, we have them now with clear plastic straps.  With all the Amazons’ advanced scientific gadgetry, why couldn’t they make invisible bra straps?

The canon of the plane, well, that’s a little beyond my ken as I’m a spotty reader of DC comics at best and everything I know comes from thick compilation editions of the WW comics from the 60s, as I’ve been researching inking techniques from that era for my own comics.

What do you think, O readers?

sergle said: Aaahh I love your blog and I wanted to ask if you're planning to give it a new layout soon? I've been reading it for the past 2.5 hours and the white text on dark background thing is deeply painful. Apologies for the ask that has nothing to do with the actual content. xD

I did want to change it to something a little more mobile-device friendly.  I myself hate white on black writing in blogs and websites, and I can’t believe I chose a layout that uses that.  I must have picked it early on and forgotten about it. 

I will do what I can to make a layout that doesn’t scar your retinas!


Yo dudes

New folk - welcome to the blog.  There’ve been a whole bunch of new folk lately and I wanted to say hi, hello, very glad to have you.

Deepest apologies for the wait but I am a working artist and this blog is a hobby.  I finally got some stuff finished today, and hopefully with that albatross of a post off my shoulders, I can get to some fun stuff - one pic corrections and my little pet project, drawing women in the same positions as male comic heroes.  Oh, and the other pet project, drawing male comic characters as sexy.

So stick around, and if you like, tell me what post brought you here?  I’m curious, and if there’s something you want to see, I want to bring it for you.


Subway Sandwich Thighs: A Blight Upon Women’s Legs in Comics

Please, No More Subway-Sandwich Thighs!

I want to talk about a comic art convention I see from time to time that really gets up my nose.  Now, when I say convention, I mean an accepted technique or practice in the field rather than a gathering of gloriously enthusiastic nerds in costume.  In this instance, I am talking about a particular drawing shortcut that is accepted as “solid” and “professional” in the industry that I find teeth-grindingly lazy and bizarre.  I call it “Subway Sandwich Thighs”. As illustrated below:


As you can see, the thigh and the calf are sandwiched together, mid-air, without anything pressing against the underside of the calf to make it that way. Legs do not work that way, not even in bendy women. We cannot bend our legs and make them do that in mid-air. For that to happen, we need to put our weight on our bent legs, kneeling on the ground. It is the weight of our bodies that pushes the two parts of the legs together. Usually, the legs splay to the side, so that they aren’t pushed together too hard. We often sit on the side of our butts after about three or four minutes, cause that shit is uncomfortable.

As an experiment, go in front of a mirror, and try to bend your leg as much as you can, pressing your heel to your buttock. Do not use your hands to press the foot and buttock together – just check how close you can get naturally. If you’re a guy, I really want you to try this.

Now, stand there and imagine flying for more than ten minutes in that position. It fucking hurts, doesn’t it? It’s tight, it’s unnatural. It’s the sort of thing a dancer does for two seconds before leaping away into another pose. It is not a natural position to take.

I half-jokingly wonder if artists employ it because it evokes the mental imagery of a woman splaying on top of a man during intercourse, straddling him. It can display the buttocks in a pleasing way, and it also makes much of the crotch. But it’s the most ridiculous bloody drawing convention outside of the Rubber Spine thing, and I’d be more than happy if it died a quiet death.

Here are some gymnasts, naturally flexible people, bending their legs in the middle of routines. Notice their aren’t squishing the two halves of their legs together:



Here are some women kneeling. Just for reference for later corrections:




And now, some corrections:



Okay, enough of me picking on JSC.  Here’s the nitty gritty of the matter, and a hat-tip to stylistic choices:


Thanks to tumblr’s downscaling, the red text is: Leg too long, No pelvis all butt, heel goes where? and Where leg go? as well as “This looks odd but my body is really like this”.

The anatomy I’ve done isn’t perfect, but I think I illustrate my point.

The Anatomy of a Fuck Up:

So what’s happening here? Why are people making this mistake over and over? The reason is twofold.

One: Mistaken anatomy.

When these artists draw their stuff to arse-up, face-down, no-time-to-fart deadlines, they don’t have the leisure I do to stop and think about how a woman looks when doing these poses. So when they have to think about a woman flying mid-air, they think about a woman kneeling, rather than an actual woman with her leg in the air. They just transfer the kneeling leg position to the upright position, even though the human muscles, tendons and body mass DO NOT ALLOW for that to happen.  With kneeling positions, they just go ahead and trundle out the shortcuts they learnt earlier in the piece, without thought to how heels and butt-cracks work.

Two: It’s Not Important.

In most situations, accuracy of a woman’s anatomy is not important in a comic book or graphic novel. A female character must be alluring above all, so certain anatomically impossible conventions get the wave and are never fixed. Other people learn these “shortcuts” and that it’s okay to draw like that, and it keeps on happening. FOREVER.

I’m not saying don’t use sweeping lines for style.  I’m just saying let’s not have utterly ridiculous anatomy going on.  These women characters take up so little space already.  Draw them as the leg is supposed to look and suddenly they have legs and tendons and physical signs of strength.  I guess that isn’t sexy enough?





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remember, most things are social constructs. Invent your own for a totally original world!

And if the earth features, think about how that impacts things

This stuff also applies to writing comics.  So I thought I’d reblog it for you.


Ever since I was 17, I have wanted to meet Lucy Lawless.  Finally she has come to Australia for a convention called Supanova.  I don’t have the spare cash to buy a plane ticket, so I’m selling off signed prints of my art to get there.

This has been a dream of mine for over fifteen years!  Please help me if you can, and get gorgeous hand-signed art in return!



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Sorry about the advert, but I’m pretty desperate to raise some cash so if you can help me, I’d be ever-so-thrilled. Feel free to reblog!




I don’t know who you are, sir, but I hope it’s okay if I am objectifying the shit out of you.



Hotness aside, this is a really great anatomy guide for folks who want to draw male heroes who use bows. Like Hawkeye or some shit.

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Ty Carter Art-Thoughts on Color, Part 1 & 2; Design, Color and “Value” an Idea. 

Hey rajivnarayanan,

Thanks! Here are a few demos I’ve posted on workflow, color, values, composition, and story. To see the full text and details along with other tutorials/demos, visit  

Feel free to share with your friends or download for personal use! There are many ways to paint and these are my humble thoughts. I hope you enjoy!

Thought some of you might find this useful.

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Rule 63 Storm Cosplay

This is some real shit right here.

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