A correction request from ita:

This picture, by the generally excellent and totally competent with proper anatomy Bill Sienkiewicz leans away from some of the extreme stylisation he often displays and falls down in sacrificing lines of action (her spine is clearly broken, and she’s pointing away while looking straight at us—if she fires that gun anytime soon, she’ll go ass over teakettle), but this is also a clear opportunity to showcase Daredevil’s junk, and he’s smooth as a Ken doll…then again, she also seems to be missing anything between her legs.

Next to it, my correction:

- I completely re-did the Black Widow’s pose.  Probably not good for shooting, but I’m not entirely certain of the correct pose after checking on a dead body.  I’m pretty sure it’s not aiming with my arse.

- Gave Daredevil a ballsack to speak of.

My boyfriend may or may not have been an anatomical guide for DD’s arse. :-*

Oh look, two fairly badly drawn pictures next to each other. The composition is shitty, the perspective is off (shes about twice the height of that car and he’s about 3 times taller than her, give or take), and neither artist has any deep knowledge of how space, gesture, or anatomy works.  (although it is hilarious how the first artist clearly had no idea where to put her feet, they’re just kinda goin’ everywhere hahaha) but yeah, you didn’t correct anything, you just took something bad and changed it to also be bad.

Basically she just ruined it further.

Please stop this amateur correction blogs. I think we have enough of this bullshit with Escher Girls.

The beauty of tumblr is that I don’t have to stop shit.  WHEE!

Tough Titties

Aw shit, put this in my personal blog again!  LOL!

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