ita: This is a photograph of Ana Ivanovic, an elite athlete whose highest singles ranking was #1. Here she is, posing for a sports magazine, and upon close inspection (research, totally research), I think it is officially boobs and butt, since there’s both boob cleavage and butt cleavage.

Of course Catwoman looks the way she does, since peak elite physical female specimens are festooned in pastels and encouraged to contort for public consumption (this a pretty typical photograph of the whole shoot, but since this is the pose, I thought I’d sling it your way).

All I need for is Federer in a loincloth to balance things out in the male swimsuit edition. Is that too much to ask? 

Nacey: Notice that she’s lying down?  In this situation, gravity is doing most of the hard work of twisting the body.  When one is upright, it’s much more difficult to maintain this pose.  She doesn’t really look all that comfortable or natural either.  In most of the boobs-and-butt images we see of comic heroes, they’re standing up and half-turning.  And that’s not really an energy-efficient or comfortablel way of doing things.

As for both genders getting up to this malarkey: I would not be averse to see Roger Federer in a loin-cloth in a pit of tan or blue balls. 

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    That pose is quite doable, as was noted above. It’s basically a corruption of an awesome lower back stretch. This would...
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    Just cracking the hell up that people would put effort into justifying That Pose.
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