ozziescribbler said: I know you made one of your earliest posts about it, but I believe that the topic of painted-on clothes deserves a big post that points out a few pieces of artwork from different people. The way "clothes" wrap tight around women's breasts in comics is one of the worst offenders. I'd love to see you correcting comics which believe that instead of forming folds and being pulled by gravity fabric is supposed to glue itself to cleavage and underboob area, all of that without a single seam. Love you!

I actually have a special large post devoted to that coming up, as well as Subway Sandwich Thighs, and a couple of other comic art standards that drive me up the wall.  So don’t worry, I’m working on that.

I’m on a committee at a local convention to do art for them, and I’m also up to my eyeballs in commissions, so if you’re wondering why it’s taking so long, that’s it!

I love you too.  Fer realz.  <3


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