Anonymous said: I'm feeling a little hopeless tonight. Marvel is coming out with a book called Fearless Defenders, starring nine female heroes, but of the two preview pages they've released, one is almost entirely Misty Knight breaking her back to show her boobs and butt. I went on CBR to voice my disappointment and after three pages, not a soul has agreed with me that this is fucked up. Am I crazy for being especially mad that this is the direction they're going with this book?

No, you are not crazy.  It is madly offensive and you have every reason to be pissed off about it.  The whole structure of our society is geared to tricking, silencing, shaming and abusing the less privileged into silence.  Don’t feel bad that the script that has been trained into you since birth is one you’re following, that’s not your fault.  We all do it, cause we all want to go through one day without feeling the weight of anger, hurt and fear.

You did speak up, and that’s where it starts.  We need to continue to speak up, all of us, again and again and again.  It must be like the rain, so that we give birth to a torrent, which then courses into a flood.  You cannot have the flood without the raindrops.

Let us all rain down, wash this shit into the sea.

(30mg of codeine for severe cramping has made me poetic, y’all.)

Shorter version:  You’re not crazy.  There’s plenty to be angry about.  Sexist fuckers are everywhere.  Let’s rip this shit up.


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