ymedron said: Regarding the latest post (about the woman recipe blah blah), do you have any basic tips on how to make a female character look... Female? Without having to resort to breasts or any other visual shorthand? Like with your drawing, it is plain and obvious that the person in question is female even though they have some traits associated with masculinity, namely chin and shoulders. :o

The thing about someone looking male or female is that it comes down to context.  Humans have a very dimorphic view of gender, when in reality, the line is far more blurred than people realise.  People look female or male to us because we KNOW they are male or female, hence the context is established and maintained.  I can do a post on that, going into detail.

It’s like that image that was floating around the net some years ago of an identical face that looks male or female depending on what parts of the face are darkened.  Eyelashes and lips make a face look feminine, where-as eyebrows and pale lips make them look male.  There are stereotypical markers one can use, just one or two, to tip off the viewer.

But ultimately, you have to have faith in your storytelling and art.  I will put “The Right Way to Draw Women in Comics” on the list of things To Do.  :D  The ultimate point of that post?  That there is no one right way, and that women, like men, are infinitely variable. ;)


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