melancholywise said: On the subject of drawing men and women, there are certain common differences between male and female faces but they're really really subtle, and by no means universal. The trick to being able to draw faces and make them look the gender you want them to is OBSERVATION. Do not listen to artist guides on how to draw gendered faces, you'll end up with a stereotype. Go out and draw real people and keep it up until making your faces look like you want them to is second nature.

This is actually the best advice I’ve seen on drawing genders.  I was going to basically put this in the tutorial I was working on, but this is so concise that I’m just going to point to this and go “THIS!”  This is honestly how I get people looking how I want them to look.

Sure, there are subtle little things, trends if you will, in body shapes and so forth that a comic artist might use when drawing, but honestly?  When I’m drawing elaborate, professional work, I always make sure that I have full character studies for each main character memorised, and I use photo references or I look in the mirror (if appropriate) whenever possible. 

Practice, reference, stylise.  Those are my steps.


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